BHS Success for Leonie and Rebecca

This week we received some wonderful news. Two of our full time students, Leonie Moore and Rebecca Hoary absolutely excelled themselves in their most recent BHS (British Horse Society) exams. Both students attend Dunbyrne Equestrian as full time working students under the CDETB training course. Both are now the proud owners of their full BHS Stage 2 Care, Lunge and Ride.

When we work with full time students we get to know them and we aim to help them to develop, to learn and to think about where they would like to go on their equestrian careers. We are lucky enough to have three full time students - Rebecca, Leonie and Finnish student Miia Pekkala working with is and we are delighted with the efforts they put in to being their best.

Rebecca is a passionate and determined young student with great plans and goals for the future and we are really delighted to be part of the team who help her on her way. Leonie has worked incredibly hard to develop her show jumping at Dunbyrne and we are so proud of the professional and confident approach she brought to her exams.

These students continue to work their way along the BHS pathways with our onsite BHSI Ross O’hare supported by our BHSAIs through Stage three care and riding and through their teaching exams. We love that we are involved in building the instructors of the future who will in turn inspire others to ride and to teach.

We are passionate about BHS training, if you are too, please get in touch if you would like our help to get where you want to go.