Competition Coaching

Competition coaching is provided by Ross O'Hare BHSI who is one of only six instructors holding this level of qualifications in Ireland.

Ross received the honour from Ireland's High Performance Eventing Manager Nick Turner at the BHS forum after completing exams in training philosophy, riding, assessment of horses and coaching a number of horse/rider combinations across the range of disciplines. He is now a member of Fellows & Instructors Association and will go on to become an Examiner with the BHS.

Ross provides systematic training for riders across various disciplines from dressage to performance hunter and showing. In 2016 Ross's pupils competed successfully at  National championship level in Dressage Ireland, Pony Club, IPS, Riding club and SJI. Competition coaching is available for riders of all levels and sessions can be private or group.

Ross also provides dressage test practice sessions where riders can request coaching on specific tests for forthcoming competitions in order to improve their execution of movements and their scores. In these sessions riders will ride their test and receive constructive feedback. Based on this feedback, the rider will be coached through specific exercises in order to improve their riding of the test. They will then ride their test again. 

To book a session for yourself or for a group or pony club / riding club please contact Ross on 086-2222440